Augmented Reality

Tripoint Lab


Redwood City, CA, United States

Educational / Training, Health / Medical, Enterprise, Virtual Reality - VR, Augmented Reality - AR, Branded Solutions

Android, iOS, WebApp, PC/Windows, Linux, Mac, VR-PlaystationVR, VR-Oculus Rift, VR-HTC Vive, VR-Samsung Gear, VR-Other, Daydream, AR, Interactive TV

Unity3D, ARKit, ARCore, Max3D, Maya, Photoshop

Tripoint provides innovative, immersive, and adaptive learning platforms and systems for education and training around the world.Read more…


600-777 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1S4, Canada

Enterprise, Visualization

NGRAIN¬†is a fast-growing technology venture based in Vancouver, Canada.Read more…

Escher Reality

1300 Montecito Avenue, Mountain View, CA, United States

Games, Augmented Reality - AR

Android, iOS

Unity3D, ARKit

Build digital experiences in the real world that are shared and persistent. Sign up Our API is in beta right now. Sign up to get access.Read more…

TRIXI Studios

Chicago, IL, United States

Games, Augmented Reality - AR


Unity3D, ARKit

TRIXI Studios is a team of Chicago based videogame industry vets, applying our decades of game-making experiences to exciting new frontiers.Read more…

Osterhout Design Group – ODG

(415) 644-4000

153 Townsend Street, Suite 570, San Francisco, CA, United States

Games, Film, Educational / Training, Health / Medical, Enterprise, Augmented Reality - AR

ODG is a leading wearable technology company that develops and manufactures mobile, self contained and lightweight head-worn mixed reality smartglasses with photo-realistic imagery.Read more…